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Poesia - Ashe Vernon

Poesia é uma daquelas coisas coisas muito pessoais, que não existe um modelo certo que agrade todo mundo, e confesso que tenho dificuldade em encontrar poesias que seja do estilo que eu goste, mas é tão incrível quando acontece! Então decidi fazer posts pra mostrar pro mundo esses autores /o/ (haha)

Bom, vou começar explicando que acho muito mais fácil escrever, qualquer coisa, em inglês, e poesia não é uma exceção.

Ashe Vernon é uma estudante universitária de 21 anos que mora no Texas, tem um livro publicado e um mar de poesias incríveis cheias daquela sinceridade que a gente nem sabia que a gente não consegue externar. Conheci ela recentemente no tumblr e adoro toda e qualquer coisa que ela posta.

Algumas das minhas poesias favoritas dela:

"i think the funniest thing is that
i never actually told you i was in love with you
and yet i still talk about you like an open wound.
i wonder
if you would even see yourself
in these poems if you read them.
i wonder if you’d invent another boy who
loved me better or
loved me worse and
attribute all this leftover heartache to him."


"you and i aren’t ever
going to work out, and i know that.
it’s why i don’t call the number 
i still have in my contacts 
(even if i sometimes text it. i’m not quite 
strong enough to cut you out, yet.)
i haven’t talked to you in weeks, but this morning,
i caught myself imagining your voice 
on the other end of the phone. i imagined fixing 
all the sideways scaffolding in my chest that
only felt like clutter, after you finally left.
i imagined moving in with the boy you are, instead
of the one i wanted you to be.
when we were dating, i told my parents that
you were the only person i could ever see myself
settling down with.
and i wish i didn’t still believe that."

"my love for you was so quiet. it hung back,
in the white noise of my heartbeats; it climbed
in the guest bedroom window;

it stepped up behind me and
tapped me on the shoulder, so gentle.
my love for you was nothing like you were–

bright and brash and bigger than any room
you ever stepped into. we fell into kissing,
a little clumsy, a little cocksure,

and it was nothing like fireworks.
kissing you was like coming home after
leaving the door unlocked, and finding

everything exactly where i left it.

kissing you was like never leaving home at all.
my love was so gentle, so soft, so open-armed,
that it didn’t ache–not even a little–

that we never finished what we started.
so you didn’t love me back
and i didn’t mind it.

because i carried a love like swing sets in sunlight,
and you rocked my whole world
just by being a part of it."

"I cannot be your strong northern wind and
I cannot stop the darkness when it finds you.
But I will hold your weary hands
and sit with you through the storm.
I am no wiseman; 
I have no sagely words of advice.
But I will curl up beside you
and ache with you.
I will soak up your tears in the hem of my shirt.
I will be there, behind you, to help you keep balance
until your legs are strong enough
that you can stand all on your own.
I cannot fight your demons,
but I can kiss them
when you are too afraid to.
I can love you
when you think you don’t deserve it.
I can open my door
when you start to feel
like every way is closed to you.
I can kiss you goodnight.
I can kiss you.
I can kiss you."


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